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About Me


Andrea Vitiello, Milan 1992, is a musician, DJ and producer.
Born in a family of musicians, his passion for music shows up early, at the age of 6, where he begins to study classical music theory and piano.
Over the years, he got interest for other instruments such as bass and guitar, which is why the melodies became a fundamental part of his music.
Inspired by different musical genres, artists and pioneers of electronic and experimental music as John Cage, Steve Reich, Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins, at the age of fourteen he grows interest in electronic music.
Since then he starts studying different software and recording systems to give vent to his ideas.
He started to play in the italian underground scene in different clubs as a dj and live set with keyboard and midi controller.
It’s always been important for him to give precedence to the emotional part in his music, obtaining a unique style.
At eighteen he decided to leave his hometown and move to Berlin, where electronic music is in the air.

My Music